Lisse Decorative Hexagonal Glass Wall Mirror 6 Pieces

By Dekonomik
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  • Our mirrors are definitely not plexiglass.
  • There are 6 pieces in the package.
  • Available in white (silver), bronze and smoked colors, you can choose when adding to cart.
  • Our mirrors are domestic production of first class Şişecam.
  • It is processed in special glass and mirror processing facilities.
  • The edges of the mirrors are beveled.
  • Tape was sent with the mirrors to attach them to the wall.
  • Silicone should be used for mounting the mirror on damaged floors.
  • Mirror thickness: 4 mm
  • Height: 200mm (20cm)
  • Width: 172mm (17cm)
  • Side length: 100 mm (10 cm)
Number of Pieces Six Pieces
Mirror Material Glass
Shape Hexagon
Shipping Cost
Delivery Time 2-5 Days

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